Team Members

Forming of more than 20 employees spread across the globe, we are confident that Metarrior will deliver a gaming experience that is worthy of a spot for top contenders in the Play-to-Earn revolution.

Neo Nguyen - CEO

Neo Nguyen, the CEO of Bamisu JSC. and also the CEO of Metarrior, has up to 15 years of experience in developing softwares and games. One of his most prominent achievements recently must be Legends of Gems - a traditional Match-3 Puzzle game that has been published on app stores of Android and iOS, and currently has become one of the most well-received games on the market, highly recommended by players. His vast pool of knowledge and experience shined brightest in the period of 2011-2015, when he contributed his effort and talent to the success of numerous IT projects such as the goods delivery system, the DMMS system that was dedicated to monitoring equipment under maintenance for AIC, and telecommunication platform for Viettel Telecom, just to name but a few. Furthermore, his knowledge regarding game developing has started accumulating ever since he partook in the programming process of various Chinese games, which later benefited him a lot during the development and designing of Metarrior.

David Vu - CTO

David Vu has 4 years as a Co-Chief of R&D department of FPT (the leading IT corporation in Vietnam) and an advisor for many projects of Viettel (the largest telecommunications corporation in Vietnam). With more than 10 years of experience in programming online game platforms, he is currently the Solution Architect of Bamisu Studio and CTO of Mobiplus JSC.
Coming from an engineering background, he has made significant contributions to successful IT projects such as missed call signaling, voice call management for FPT; SEO mobile app; voice communication system (VCS), Customer relationship management (CRM) for Mobiplus.
Excited about what blockchain gaming can evolve into, he is in charge of designing Metarrior's server system and bringing a wealth of knowledge and network to Metarrior.

Tony Mai - CFO

Tony Mai is an entrepreneur at the forefront of technology and cryptocurrency. He used to work as a Project Manager and Bridge System Engineer for a software firm in Japan. He is currently the CEO of Paditech (A leading company in the IT sector, which is active in both the Vietnamese and Japanese markets) and Chairman of Vitex Capital (An investment fund for technology startups with a capital of $10M). Under his leadership, Vitex Capital, after just over 1 year of establishment, has evolved to become Vietnam's largest capital venture, with over 100 domestic and international partners.
He has been developing and participating in some of the earliest infrastructures of the cryptocurrency space. As a seasoned blockchain guru and economics expert, he has also advised and contributed to a number of blockchain projects throughout the world.
With more than 8 years of expertise in financial management and operation of technology businesses, he ensures that Metarrior's capital is effectively managed for the long-term and sustainable development of the project

Kent Cao - CMO

The former CEO of ONESE Holdings, which is currently one of the largest corporations in Vietnam that offer its help to various SMEs throughout the nation in every aspect of marketing, Mr.Kent Cao has surely claimed a lot of profound achievements in this field of expertise with his remarkable 15 years of experience. He has also provided his broad vision in the form of advice and consultancy for various firms such as Baemin Rider, STU, etc., and successfully helped them in shaping their Marketing strategies.