Match 3 RPG puzzle Game

Match-3 games might be some of the most iconic mobile games of all time, mainly because of their irresistibly attractive gameplay. Thus, if you like the match-3 style but want to try something that hits different, we have you covered. Presenting Metarrior - the ultimate evolution of the traditional puzzle-solving game by combining Match-3 and RPG. RPG Match-3 is a type of game that combines two elements: role-playing and matching puzzles. RPG (Role-Playing Game) is a game genre where players interact with the in-game world through the characters with various backstories and motives. Match-3 (or tile-matching games) is a type of puzzle game in which players manipulate tiles in order to make them disappear, based on the game’s rules. Inheriting the quintessence and uniqueness of this game, our team is delighted to present Metarrior - a first-ever Skill-up-to-Earn NFT puzzle game. Metarrior is the world's first truly Web3 game with a splendid combination of the two aforementioned types of game, with the promise of becoming a new trend for the gaming community. The highlight of this game is its easy yet addicting gameplay, exquisite graphics, and especially players can easily earn and maximize their passive incomes by trading NFTs and in-game tokens. Challenge yourself in Metarrior as you collect warriors across the realm and fight against dark forces with the power of the puzzle board.

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