Token Utilities


$MEWA plays a role as a governance token of Metarrior, with a total supply of 3 billion tokens. It is tradeable in the market. This token is not merely to attract gamers but crypto investors as well.

$MEWA is used as a currency in many activities. It is used in claiming land, paying tournament entry, buying arena tickets, and paying betting fees. $MEWA is also a currency of choice when it comes to breeding pets, merging NFTs or crafting in-game items.

Metarrior gamers should also pay a little notice that $MEWA can be used to summon, warriors or pets as well. As a governance token, $MEWA is designed to perform as a reward token, incentivizing players who are actively engaging in the Metarrior game. $MEWA is a token of reward for players who are in the top list of tournaments or having best performance in guild wars, and PvP mode.


$SOG is mainly used in single player mode. In other words, an individual player while joining game mode alone, making any in-game interactions in either quests, treasure hunt, boss raid, campaign, tower of time or arena mode, will receive or be required to use $SOG as rewards or entry fee, respectively.

To be more specific, players use $SOG to summon s and pets, reset s, arena tickets, ascend heroes, merge NFTs, buy mission tickets, reset skill tree, unlock bag slots and breed pets.

$SOG is also available for staking. Players could either choose to stake the amount of $SOG earned or invest it again, and continue to participate in exciting quests and challenges in Metarrior.

Since $SOG is the in-game token, it serves as a measure associated with the health or energy of players. The larger amount of $SOG a player has, the more powerful they will be. With a larger amount of $SOG, players could summon more mighty s, conquer the battles in Metarrior, gain a better chance of greater victories, and of course, a larger amount of revenue would spring from this for certain.

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