Game Story

So the story of Metarrior has just begun...

Inside the Metaverse Galaxy, Helios system has thousands of stars and satellite planets: Oceanus, Hyperius, Gaia, Chronius and Rhodius.

One day, in the peaceful and beautiful Gaia, suddenly came a space tunnel with a big ball of fire. Bad signal alert! Demon Lord - Eruzaror with his powerful dark magic came out from the ball of fire. He called out the dark forces from the most depth inside Gaia and beyond from nowhere. They established the coldest fortress in the north, the dark army quickly spread to over Gaia. They ruined everything on their way. They burned everything and killed any creatures in their sight. The scene of hell unfolded from the North to all over Gaia. Every creature had to hide and head to the southern region in seeking of survival from the dark army of evil.

In the Middle lands and southern lands, the Metarriors - warriors of Gaia, assembling from five armies: Elf and druid of Forest Kingdom with magic and heal, Halfblood and Dwarf of Fate Dessert with high defense, Human of Aida and Atlantic unioned as one to against to Eruzaror’s army. The brutal war between metarriors and the monsters from evil’s army had lasted for thousands of years.

In the end, with strong fighting of Metarriors and the support from mystical beasts from The Beast Land beyond Gaia, Gaia’s army defeated Eruzaror and sealed the Demon Lord’s soul forever. But, to seal the most powerful demon, they also paid a heavy price, all Metarriors sacrificed and dissolved into MEWA pieces that spread crossover Gaia. The war was over thousands years to the present.

After several decades living peacefully with other species in Gaia, King Aroden built a strong army. He had the ambition to rule the whole of Gaia. But his greatest fear is the magical forces - ancient matteriors of Losfailey Isle in myth. He commanded his army to arrest with no reason and killed all magicians in his kingdom. A large part of his army secretly moved to Losfailey Isle destroying all and killing all in that land. And the most terrible thing happened, the Abandoned Temple that was hidden deep in the spirit valley with the Dark Crystal Orb was also destroyed to the smallest pieces. They did not know that the Dark Crystal Orb held Eruzaror’s soul. Eruzaror’s soul was free. The dark magic once again covered all lands of Gaia.

Fortunately, a young sage and several young warriors escaped from Losfailey Isle. They sailed on the boat to the mysterious land of Forest Kingdom. The young sage is the last hope to fight against the Demon Lord Eruzaror and the violent King Aroden to save the beautiful and peaceful Gaia. On the way to find his true power, it was said that he had to find and collect Metarriors fragments and MEWA pieces to summon the ancient Metarriors of Gaia.

And so the journey begun…

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