Players can now create new NFT warriors by breeding 2 different warriors together.

Upon joining the world of Metarrior, players are now able to access the new fantastic in-game mechanism called Breeding, where they are able to create new NFT warriors by breeding 2 separate warriors.

Each warrior can be bred up to 10 times max, the number of times that warriors can be bred will be displayed above each warrior, so that players can track how many times they have left to breed their favourite warriors. Players are able to choose to breed their warriors from 1 to 5 or even 10 times in one go, however, keep in mind that the maximum number of turns to breed that are available for players to choose depends on the least breeding times left of the two warriors.

Each time players want to breed their warriors, a specific amount of $SOG and $MEWA tokens are required. After having successfully bred the warriors, by going to the Breed building at the main home screen, players will need to wait for some time before they can claim their new-born warriors, typically 5 hours of waiting.

Once the time runs out, players will then be able to claim their new warriors via Metarrior’s Marketplace.

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