Skill System

There are two main types of skills in the game, which are:

Passive skills

Passive skills can be activated in the beginning of each turn or after 2-3 turns of the battle. There are two passive skills in the skillset of each warrior.

Active skills

Can be activated once the mana bar is filled up to a certain portion by matching 3 identical gems which have correspondent colors to that of the elements carried by the warriors. The ultimate skill can be activated when the mana bar of the warrior is full. This type of skill is performed only when it is the player's turn.

! Note

All of the skills of the warriors once activated will buff the attributes and effects in favor of himself and his teammates as well as debuff the stats and effects unfavorably for the opponents, including their mana. Specifically, if one of the warriors is affected by the “Confused” effect, he can deal damage to his own allies.

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