Game Concept

Mining $SOG & $MEWA

ncient Mines is said to be the relic of the battle between Metarriors and Demo Lord — Eruzaror. The player needs enough power to go to the Ancient Mines. They have to fight the spirited warriors — mine keepers to go deeper to gain larger mines.

Players can assign up to 10 warriors to mine $SOG/$MEWA

Buy/Sell/Rent Lands

Players can buy, sell or rent lands in the game. There will be campaigns and adventures that other players can go inside to find resources and $SOG. Players have to pay fees for the landlord to rent.

The lands can be used for mining $SOG or breeding new species of beasts.

Pet Island (in plan)

Players discover Celestial Planets where they can catch pets, feed them and breed new species. These pets are NFTs in the Marketplace and can be traded.

Players can use pets to fight against others or use them to join the battle to gain valuable resources and $SOG.

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