Vision and Mission


In order to further develop Metarrior as well as expand its influence in the NFT gaming market in the future, the vision of Metarrior has been shaped in accordance to the plan where Metarrior expands its territory to a larger scale, creating MetaFe, in which Metarrior is only a part of.

To be specific, MetaFe will act as an ecosystem which consists of various projects and services such as SocialFi, advertising system, guild management platform, and even other games of different genres. As a matter of fact, MetaFe itself hopes to increase the diversity in its ecosystem by releasing at least one game or service each year.

MetaFe will be using the $MEWA token as its main currency for trading among services and projects inside the platform, therefore being able to boost the use of $MEWA token to the fullest.


The Team’s mission is to create the Metarrior metaverse where engagement value is forged among players, and through gaming, players could experience the following:

  • Gaining immersive experience through the world of magic and myth, empire war and puzzle quests;

  • Developing critical thinking by strategizing and battling against one another in the quest;

  • Having a sense of belonging: players will have a chance to own lands and build a virtual society which belongs to players themselves.

  • Being able to breed new characters with unique features

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