Flow of converting

A player can start completely free and earn their way to the very top of the game. Below is the example progress of a Free-to-play player:

  • A player visits our site, does our quests to earn points, then they can claim free non-NFT default warriors through the tutorial.

  • Then by playing the game in PvE mode with free warrior, the player receives an amount of $SOG/$MEWA token(will be locked) & some items of various rarity.

  • The player can sell these items on the marketplace to collect more $MEWA tokens. And he/she can convert all these locked $MEWA to Main Warrior NFTs.

  • The player can participate in the periodical tournaments and events hosted by our game studio to win prizes & awards.

  • The player can wage against other players in PvP mode to win more tokens.

  • This creates a sustainable economic cycle for F2P players, without a large upfront investment.

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