Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is undoubtedly one of the most prominent game modes in Metarrior that players should definitely drop by.


  • Upon opening Treasure Hunt mode, you will see an Energy Bar, the 2 Mini Bosses and the possible rewards you might get.

  • Every time players partake in a battle in Treasure Hunt, 30 Energy Points will be consumed.

  • For every 2 hours, your Energy bar will regenerate a specific amount of energy depending on the rarity of the NFTs you’re using to refill it. The higher the Rarity trait, the more Energy Points will be generated.

  • The Energy Bar will be reset every day at 0h UTC.

  • Players need to defeat the Mini Bosses within 10 turns.


  • Gold, EXP, SOG: Necessary resources to level up your warriors.

  • Rare and Elite Warrior Fragments: you can assemble a Non-NFT Rare or Elite warrior once enough Fragments are collected.

  • Lotto Voucher: this item enables you to purchase your set of numbers without spending SOG tokens.

  • Guardian Fragments: you can assemble a non-NFT Guardian warrior once you have collected enough Fragments.

Every time you succeed in slaying the Mini Bosses, you can receive 4 items as your Rewards, you can sometimes receive up to 5 items in total randomly. The number of Fragments one can receive greatly depends on the warrior with the highest level you have. The higher the levels, the more Fragments you can receive.

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