How Metarrior was born

One of the most crucial aspects of a successful online game in general is a vast and ever expanding player base. Nonetheless, NFT games often lack this important factor and this has been the most prominent issue facing the infant GameFi industry. As such, Metarriorr has taken proactive steps to address this issue.

One of the common reasons for that issue often stems from the high cost of joining NFT games. NFT games with potential or ones with certain popularity often charge a lot for their items, which is why most potential players may ignore the chance to play NFT games.

Acknowledging this problem, Metarrior offers many mechanisms to attract new players. Aside from the Rent-to-Earn model, Metarrior players can also engage in our free-to-play and Skill-up-to-Earn .

With the models to attract new players and the content to keep these players active, Metarrior is believed to be one of the NFT games that is worth waiting for.

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